The Beauty of Fragrance.

The Beauty of Fragrance.

I've always been the kind of girl to cling on to a scent because of the memories it holds and nostalgia it brings. For the longest time, I've been thinking about sharing my most memorable fragrances/scents and what they mean to me. These fragrances include perfumes, candles, and beauty products. As I was thinking about how I would write this post, I thought about including both a photo of the product and writing about the memory it brings. I hope you all enjoy this post and that you get to know me a little more!


1. The Original Juicy Couture Perfume. (Not Pictured)

Okay so I'm sure everyone and their mother (literally) wore this fragrance, am I right? Whenever I take a whiff of this baby I am instantly brought back to the first time I went to New York and saw snow for the first time. Something about the smell that lingered in my scarf and coat brings a huge smile to my face. The winter breeze also reminds me of this fragrance and my first winter in the city. 

2. Bella Candle in "Beechwood Bergamot."

I'm currently on my second candle in this scent and getting closer to my third. This scent reminds me of my friend's NYC apartment. I have no idea what it is but when I first smelled this candle it's as if I was brought back to my second time I was in NYC. The difference between my first trip and this second one was that I was traveling alone for the first time as an adult. It was both scary and one of the best trips of my life. This was the trip where my love for NYC became eternal. 


3. Zara Summer Scent.

We have quite a trend here, this third scent was purchased during my third trip to the city. in 2015 I went to New York three times. One of my dreams includes living there with Josh. This scent is fresh and definitely has notes of citrus. It almost reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue- definitely a distant cousin or sister. Every time I wear this scent It reminds me of summer in the city and traveling to New Jersey/upstate New York. This trip was so much fun because we got to explore a different and even more beautiful side of NY. We got to stay at a lake house, swim in a lake with clear water that had no alligators (us Floridians don't even know what that looks like). We also got to check out a brewery and how they make beer from start to finish. This scent holds a lot for me and I don't wear it as often because it was a limited edition scent, but when I do, I can't help but smile.


4. Zara Joyful Tuberose

Currently on my second bottle of this baby and I could honestly bathe in it every day. Winter of 2015 I purchased this baby in NY (Can you tell I'm obsessed with New York) while on vacation for my friend Stephanie's birthday. This instantly became a holy grail for me and is so perfect for all year round. As I said in previous posts, I love how it lingered on my leather jacket and would get hints here and there while the cold winter breeze would blow in my direction. Do yourself a favor and go to Zara and smell this, you won't regret it. In fact, you might end up leaving with a bottle. The new bottle is a blush pink color but this was my favorite packaging, so luxurious. 

5. Beauty Protector - Beauty Creme

ALL THE SMELLS!! This is honestly the best smelling and my favorite body creme in all of the land. Summer of 2015 I went to NY in June (First time by myself). That was the first time I had ever stepped foot in the Birchbox store and it was so cool! I remember trying out this creme and its body wash at my friend Annabel's house and was instantly hooked. As you can already tell I am horrible at describing scents but I'm pretty sure this has vanilla in it....It's sweet yet homie and cozy...not sure if that even makes sense but they sell travel sizes on the site if you want to try it out but to be honest I think you should just go for the full size! ;)


Honorable Mentions:

Clinique lipsticks: These don't really have a scent since they're hypoallergenic, but the non-scent smell of the product reminds me of my mom. Growing up all she used was Clinique and everything about it reminds me of her. Fun fact: I used to eat her lipstick.....LOL I know what you're thinking....I also used to eat play-dough but that's another blog post in itself. I should've known then that I was going to be a beauty junkie for life!

Gucci Premiere: I should've already known that this fragrance has bergamot in it, that's probably why I love it so much because I am obsessed with bergamot. According to Sephora it has hints of Bergamot, Orange Blossom, White Flower, Musk, Leather, Wood. The musk in it makes me feel all cozy and warm, I am also running out, so this would be a good time to start saving for a new bottle. :') 

Favorite scents that Josh wears:
212 Men by Carolina Herrera
Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme

September Skincare Edit.

September Skincare Edit.

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