Zanna Roberts Rassi: Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor & More.

Zanna Roberts Rassi: Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor & More.

During this year's Millenia Fashion Week, I had the honor to interview Zanna Roberts Rassi. Zanna is currently the Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire, E! Project Runway Allstars mentor, stylist, and the Co Founder of Milk Makeup. Not only is she a busy woman, Zanna is also a mother of two beautiful twin girls, "She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom." - Mean Girls.

Zanna inspires many women, but she inspires me in the sense that you can pursue both beauty and fashion and make it work. I often feel like it's easier to dedicate time to one more than the other, but when I look at Zanna I know that it is possible to pursue both.

I had such a great time coming up with these questions for the interview, so if you would like to know more about Zanna, read on!


LJ: What's the most memorable event you have had with your career thus far? 

ZRR: Tough question!! The launching of Milk Makeup is up there! An epic launch of a brand that had been our blood sweat and tears for two + years. We launched with a giant rave / party with 1000 (!!) of our closet friends at Milk studios, hosted by Zoe Kravitz and Salt n Peppa played. We sold out in Sephora in weeks. Aside from that - covering the Oscars for E! is pretty special!! 

LJ: Who inspires you and where do you go to look for inspiration? 

ZRR: I look everywhere for inspiration! Newspaper headlines can inspire me, a conversation with someone on a plane, a piece of fabric on a cushion, the fish when scuba diving! Inspiration is everywhere. Fashion and style I’m fans of my Brit girls looks — Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton back in the day, today its all about Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Cara…..


LJ: What's your must-have makeup product and what is one product that you think every makeup lover should own from Milk Makeup? 

ZRR: Our new Holographic Stick. Its THE BOMB. It gives you the most brilliant highlight on cheeks, lips, eye, wherever you choose! I get stopped all the time when I wear it.  It contains real meteorite dust and pearls!! 

LJ: Fall has just begun, what is your favorite fall trend?

ZRR: Velvet. Surprisingly its a great all weather fabric. As proved by the fact that I’m sat in Florida where its 90 degrees, wearing a velvet slip dress! 


LJ: What is your holy grail item of clothing that you should probably get rid of, but can't let go? 

ZRR: I have a closet full of them. But I reckon my beautiful Stella oversized bubble dress that looks ridiculous on me but for some reason I imagine that one day it will all be ok. 


LJ: Whenever you have a break, what is your favorite thing to do to wind down and relax? 

ZRR: Make a delicious creamy ceaser salad, a great bottle of red and watch a genius movie, like Funny Face!! 


LJ: What's the biggest piece of advice that you can give to someone who wants to work in beauty or fashion? 

ZRR: Get informed. Know who the players are. Read read read. Find a mentor. Persist in a good (not annoying) way. Above all be NICE to everyone. 

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