Coffee and Outfits.

There's nothing like some coffee and hangs to make your day a whole lot brighter. Today's post consists of iPhone and DSLR photos. For some odd reason, my camera has been acting up lately so I decided to mix it up a bit.

If you're wondering who this fella is, this is my fabulous friend Justin! I am very sad because he is moving to Chicago for the summer, so we're trying to get in as many coffee hangs as possible before he starts a new and very exciting chapter of his life.

Follow him on Instagram: @Justin_Parker

I hope you all enjoyed these photos/post! Here are all of the outfit details:

Justin's outfit: Baseball tee & Sunnies | Forever 21 // Cropped Black Jeans | Zara //

Flannel | Farmer's Market // Shoes | Pacsun

My outfit: Floral Leotard | Forever 21 // Vintage Levi's | Thrifted // Shoes | Nasty Gal (Shoe Cult)

Until next time!

Love,  Jomy! xx

Red, White & Denim.

Tie-Dye Lovin'.