Treat Yourself.

Hi everyone! It's mid June and I have yet to post something on the blog. It has been such a hectic month for me in the best way possible. Today's post is something short and sweet because I want the pictures to do all of the talking. While I was getting dressed I wasn't really feeling my outfit, which actually tends to happen a lot. It wasn't until I saw the pictures my friend Steph took that I fell in love. On this particular day we shot with her brand new baby and I must say, the quality is to-die-for. If you haven't already, you NEED to check out her blog and Instagram because 1. Your eyes will be visually stimulated and 2. You will be in Instagram heaven because she has one of the best feeds I have ever seen. She also has killer style and is the sweetest gal I have ever met. You can thank me later!

The main focus of today's post is the importance of treating yourself. My favorite thing in the world are flowers. To me they make me smile and make me feel so happy. Whether they are gifted to me or I buy them for myself, I love being around them and having them in my room. It doesn't matter what your favorite thing can be, but what matters is that you deserve it. Sometimes we are too worried about fulfilling others needs that we often forget to treat ourselves. So today, do something that will make you happy and treat yourself!

As for my outfit, I threw on a striped crop top from Nordstrom and my thrifted jeans and called it a day. Since my hair wasn't at its prime I decided to wear my new brown hat that I am so obsessed with. To dress up the outfit a bit I wore my navy blue cutout booties from Lucky Brand.

I hope you all enjoyed this little post and reminder about the importance of treating yourself!

Until next time!

Love Jomy! xx

Outfit Details: Hat | Forever 21 // Jeans | Thrifted // Top | Nordstrom // Shoes | Lucky Brand // Bag | Aldo // Rings and Thangs | Neon Wild,  Pandora, Tiffany // Flowers | Trader Joe's

All Smiles.

Red, White & Denim.