Teen Vogue #BTSS Photo Diary.

Photography by: Shauna Hundeby, Stephanie Velez and myself.

Checkout my official hashtag for additional photos: #LJxTV or the official Teen Vogue hashtag: #BTSS

Hello everyone! Today I'm bringing you a photo diary full of fun. I recently worked with Teen Vogue as a BTSS Campus Ambassador where I was given the opportunity to host a back-to-school party for my friends. I'm not going to lie, I was overwhelmed with joy when I received my trunk full of all of the goodies that their advertisers provided. From food to tampons, the trunk was filled with anything and everything I could ever need to host a party. I am so grateful for all of my friends that attended, you all looked so beautiful and posted amazing photos throughout the event.

I want to thank Teen Vogue and all of the sponsors below for providing everything for the event. Maybelline: @maybelline, Simple Skincare @Simpleskincare ‪#‎testthewater‬Hask @haskHair, Not Your Mothers @nymbrands ‪#‎badasshairday‬Tampax @tampax #LooksLikeThis, Ryan Porter @shopryanporter #RPbabe, Asos @asos, Of Clothing @of_clothing, Organix beauty @ogx_beauty ‪#‎ogx‬Aeropostale: @aeropostale, American Apparel: @Americanapparelusa, Delias: @Delias ‪#‎Deliasforever‬Staples: @Staples, Le Sportsac: @lesportsac, Barnana bags: @eatbarnana, Pasta chips: @eatpastachips.

I hope you all enjoy the photos!! xo

Love, Jomy! xx

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