Hey everyone! Today's post is extra golden because I got to hangout with my buddy from college, who recently moved to Chicago to pursue his career at an advertising agency. It's so great to see your friends move on to bigger and greater things! If you want to meet my friend Justin, scroll on down!

As for my outfit, I absolutely love the versatility that this shirt gives me. I am pretty sure I can wear it about 4 -5 different ways. It's so simple but it dresses up any outfit. I also really love the price, it is only $9.90! I've linked it down below so you can shop my exact shirt. It also comes in three different colors. My denim skirt is thrifted and my suede booties are from Zara. They're currently having their summer sale, so you should hop on that sale train. I hope you all enjoy this post!

Until next time!
Love, Jomy! Xx

If you don't follow Justin Parker, you definitely should! His life is full of color...and donuts- lots of them! I admire Justin because he always stays true to his style and his passion. His blog is an outlet for him to inspire others. Check out his blog and Instagram!


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